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Interested in what I'm working on right now? I put updates on my finger.

Projects sorted alphabetically.


Name Description Implementation Links
atreides Keyboard based on the Atreus C, OpenSCAD Source
ASD Linux KISS Linux rootfs/repository shell URL, source
Better Search A search engine that favors independent websites Racket Source
chorizo Minimal web browser C + GTK + WebKitGTK URL, source
lightcards Flashcards from markdown Python + ncurses Source
logo Personal logo + build script SVG + shell Source
mmenu Nobles cafeteria menu viewer C, motif Source
opendoas Fork of opendoas that insults you C Source
phrases Latin famous phrases in the terminal Python Source
pong ncurses pong game C Source
scdoc-mode Emacs major mode for scdoc files Emacs LISP Source
stagit stagit fork with syntax highlighting and other customizations C Source
suckless Personal builds of suckless.org software C Source
tall.bot Discord Wikipedia bot Python Source
zsh Zsh scripts and customizations Zsh Source


Name Description Implementation Links
armaanb.net Personal website Static HTML URL
NGMUN School Model UN conference Wordpress URL
Nobles Classics Quarterly Classics magazine Wordpress URL
Nobles Yearbook Yearbook image and message submissions Perl, sqlite URL
The Common Forum Student run political forum Wordpress URL


Name Description Implementation Links
norepinephrine_wm Modeling the Effects of Norepinephrine Concentration on Working Memory in the Prefrontal Cortex with a1 and a2 Receptors. Python URL
Schlieren Photography Photographs of fluid flow. Physical Gallery. Writeup in progress!